Photo series Innocent Dark Minds is an attempt to present the world of children in an unobvious way. Children, usually perceived as rays of joy in the difficult world of adults, also have their worries, troubles and most importantly, dilemmas. In their world, loneliness and sorrow are not distant concepts, they constitute an integral part of children’s reality. They are also seeking for people, who are similar to them, the ones, who are able to understand them. These photographs are trying to show a striking resemblance between the worlds of children and adults, and at the same time, the astonishing distance between them. Every image encourages the viewer to consider the complexity of child’s mind. This project depict the distinctive nature of the child’s mental reactions, which, proceeding as they along the same lines as those of adults.

A special thanks goes to children, who I love — Denis, Kevin, Olívia, Eva & Miroslava — for their enormous courage. I’d also like to say thank you to their parents, who trusted me and let me work with their little ones.

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